International Precious Metals Institute 34th Annual Conference
June 12 - 15, 2010 in Tucson, Arizona.
IBC will present a paper about precious metals recovery

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IBC's product line consists of complexing agents sold individually (e.g., macrocycles) and attached to surfaces or incorporated in solid supports (e.g., inorganic and organic beads, membranes, sensors, etc.). Products are used as research chemicals and applied in chemical processes by major companies worldwide. IBC also provides custom synthesis and development services for industrial and governmental clients. IBC's separations products encompass most of the periodic table and well as a number of biologically active molecules.

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Industrial Division

IBC offers a wide range of products to meet process-scale challenges. Complexation agents are available for the large majority of industrially important anions and cations. Product formats are solid phase particles, membranes, and solvent-based systems. Examples of some of the industrial applications for IBC products include purification and treatment of water; chemicals; precious and base metals refining; nuclear waste; copper refining; zinc refining; precious and base metals plating; acid rock drainage; steel industry plating; and environmental waste treatment.

Analytical Division

Innovative sample preparation and chromatography products based on MRT for highly selective concentration, separation, removal and/or detection of specific metals, alkali and alkaline earths, radionuclides, inorganics, neutral molecules, chiral enantiomers, and oligonucleotides.

Specialty and Fine Chemicals Division

IBC offers a standard line of macrocycle chemicals and provides custom synthesis services to make specialty macrocycles or other chemicals for particular applications. Macrocycles can be used for numerous applications, including solvent extraction, phase transfer catalysis, medical imaging, adhesive and other chemical formulations, complexation agents, ionophores for ion selective electrodes, sensors, and analyte selectors for capillary electrophoresis.

Puragen Life Sciences Division

IBC is developing a number of technologies useful in the life sciences, including pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, clinical, biotechnology, medical imaging, and cancer treatment. Each of these product developments is based on the technological expertise that IBC's staff of scientists have acquired over many years of experience.

Custom Synthesis and Development Services

IBC provides extensive custom synthesis and contract development services. IBC is expert in complex, multi-step organic synthesis. Major industrial and governmental clients have long used IBC's services. IBC's world-class capability consists of a staff of highly trained Ph.D. Scientists as well as manufacturing facilities and well-equipped organic, inorganic, and analytical laboratories.

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