6th International Copper-Cobre Conference
August 26-29, 2007 Toronto, Canada IBC will be presenting a paper entitled "An Update of Recent Applications of Molecular Recogntion Technology (MRT) in the Copper Industry ".


:: PRESS RELEASE - April 2001 ::

American Fork, Utah, April 2001 IBC Advanced Technologies, Inc. announced today that it has formed an international alliance with Shipley Company, L.L.C. to improve the economics and recovery of palladium and gold from streams and solutions used in electronics plating and other functional plating applications.

Under the alliance the companies will provide systems and services for the recovery and purification of palladium and gold chemicals and metals to the electronics, plating and metal finishing industries. These systems will incorporate IBC's Molecular Recognition Technology (MRT) Product, SuperLig®. SuperLig® materials selectively and rapidly bind with target ions to recover them from solution. Even extremely small concentrations of these metals can be selectively and efficiently removed, thus making the MRT systems ideal for palladium and gold recovery from rinse and waste solutions.

Steven R. Izatt, president and CEO of IBC, said "the introduction of MRT systems to the industry will dramatically improve the economics of precious metal recovery and will provide operators with the ability to more directly control and monitor precious metal input/output balances in plant operations". Michael S. Foster, President Shipley Ronal PWB, stated our introduction of these MRT precious metal recovery systems to the market is extremely timely, and particularly important in the case of palladium, which up until now, has not been targeted for recovery. This alliance allows Shipley to expand the products and services it offers its customers by giving them the ability to recover this precious metal from their processes.

Shipley Ronal is one of four segments of the $1.2 billion Electronic Materials Business Group of Rohm and Haas, which also includes divisions that focus on Microelectronics (Shipley), Electronic and Industrial Finishing, and Rodel, a market leader for chemical mechanical planarization technology. For additional information, please visit www.shipley.com.

IBC Advanced Technologies, Inc., a privately held company based in American Fork, Utah, is the leading molecular recognition technology based separations and purifications company. For additional information, please visit www.ibcmrt.com.

Contact Information:

Steven R. Izatt, President and Chief Executive Officer
IBC Advanced Technologies, Inc.
Tel: 801.763.8400
Fax: 801.763.8491
e-mail: sizatt@ibcmrt.com

Michael S. Foster, President
Shipley Ronal Division, Shipley Company, L.L.C.
Tel: 508.229.7535
Fax: 508.229.7607
e-mail: mfoster@shipley.com

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